Car Word Game

Syllable Emphasis Game for Cars

Car rides are boring. During my latest boring car ride I thought up something to do for future boring car rides. It is a word game for 2 or more players.


To be the last person to shout a valid word.

How to Play

The driver chooses a word with 3 or more syllables and shouts it out.

Players take turns (going clockwise) shouting out single words (not phrases) that have the same number of syllables and are emphasized the same way as the driver's word.

The last person to shout out a valid word is the winner.

Example Game

Driver: "DAFFodil!"
Shotgun: "FLATulence!"
Rear Passenger: "BASketball!"
Rear Driver: "comPUTer!"

The person in the rear driver side seat ended the game because the syllables in "computer" are not emphasized in the same way as those in "daffodil". The person sitting the rear passenger seat wins the game.

Added Twists

Only shout words that begin with the same letter.

Shout words in alphabetical order.

Limit the words to fictional names, or certain disciplines like science, history or medicine.