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Business Card Generator

color palettes
Color Palette Generator

favicon generator
Favicon Generator

Flickr RSS Feeds
Flickr RSS Feed Generator

IMG2TXT ASCII Art Generator

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Letterpress Invitation Generator
Letterpress Invitation Generator

WPA Poster Generator
WPA Poster Generator


Landscapes generated by a computer
Landscape Art Generated by a Computer

Logoshi - make a logo
Logoshi - Make a Logo

International Typographic Style Calendars Printable
Printable Calendars


Visual Packing List
Visual Packing List

Yankee Swap Gifts
Yankee Swap Gifts

Trip OCD
Trip OCD

Work Log

Landscape Art Generated by a Computer

As a kid I enjoyed watching William Alexander and Bob Ross paint landscapes on the Joy of Painting. These days, I enjoy watching digital artists create environment concept art on YouTube. On Twitter, I follow a few art generating bots. I decided to take a couple of weekends and smash all these things together. I wrote a few scripts that generate landscapes that get posted to twitter. The types of landscapes are limited today, but will grow with time. Browse through the landscapes and follow @LandscapeArtBot on Twitter.
Aug 20 2015

International Typographic Style Printable Calendars

Download and print a modern calendar for your cubicle. They are availble in U.S. Letter and A4 paper sizes. Print a calendar.
Jul 2 2015

Logoshi - Sketch a Logo

Last year I needed a simple logo for a side project. I looked into hiring a graphic designer, but didn’t have a few thousand bucks to drop on a logo. I tried making my own logo in Photoshop and wasted 2 days before giving up. I discovered a logo contest site where I wasted $295 on a mediocre logo that ultimately went unused. After unsuccessfully searching for a site where I could make a simple modern logo, I built one: - sketch a logo.
Mar 4 2014

Witty Profiles Gets a Responsive Design

The new year brings a new responsive design for In 2012, I split Witty Profiles into separate desktop and mobile sites that shared the same base logic. While the new mobile user experience was great, maintaining templates for multiple versions of the site turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. With the explosion of different devices and viewport sizes in the last 12 months, I decided to rewrite the display logic for Witty Profiles using the responsive features of the Bootstrap front-end framework. Users on all devices now have the same feature set at the same time and a UX optimized for their device.
Jan 4 2013

Mobile Site for Witty Profiles

This morning I released a mobile version of Witty Profiles at I initially set out to use Luke Wroblewski’s Mobile First philosophy, but soon realized a mobile interface was going to require separate, mobile-specific templates. I ended up with a single codebase that uses two sets of templates: mobile and desktop. Eventually, I’ll use the new mobile templates as a foundation to create a true Mobile First design.
May 4 2012

New Servers for

It’s the time of year when school gets out in the U.S. and I’ve upgraded the servers for Witty Profiles just in time. According to Google Analytics, last month Witty Profiles attracted more than 700,000 unique visitors who generated over 17 million pageviews.
Jun 8 2011 Supports ISO Latin-1 Character Set is a very easy way make your own business cards. Until recently, some extended characters were getting lost in one of the conversions when creating the PDF. I recently read about an under-documented feature in the Adobe postscript conversion utility and now can produce business cards for our friends in Europe (and elsewhere) who have accents, tildes, umlauts and other diacritical marks in the ISO Latin-1 character set in their names and contact information. dásamlegt!
Aug 17 2010

Witty Profiles Optimization

Last week I released a complete rewrite of The goal of the rewrite was to reduce the database load and cache as many queries as possible. After about a week of monitoring, database load is way down and an average of 92% of MySQL queries are in memcached. The best part is that the users are happy with the increased performance. I guess it was worth taking the 6 months to transform 7 years of clunky PHP functions into modern object oriented code.
Apr 30 2010

Giftputer - Find the Perfect Gift

Back in August 2009 I created Giftputer uses crowdsourcing to find the perfect gifts given age, sex and personality. This project uses RSS Feeds, the python Universal Feed Parser, PHP and MySQL. Giftputer was designed to be a useful tool during the holiday shopping season and to bring in a few bucks in Amazon referrals.
Dec 4 2009

Geek Chart

A Geek Chart is a web badge that shows where you share stuff online. Each slice of the Geek Chart is a link to your profile on sites like Flickr, Twitter, Youtube and more. What does your Geek Chart look like?

This is a project I did to learn Python, brush up on ActionScript 3, experiment with ATOM and RSS feeds and play with memcached. The user and chart data is stored in MySQL tables. PHP is used for the front end. Surprisingly, there is no JavaScript in this project (yet). The idea was to use as many skills as possible to build something semi-useful that would impress future employers.
Apr 29 2009

Yum Gifts is a site that I built while experimenting with the Python Universal Feed Parser and feeds. It displays the top selling gourmet food items. The site updates hourly.
Apr 1 2009

Business Card Robot

Lose your job and need business cards? Let the Business Card Robot make business cards for you.
Feb 1 2009

Free PDF Cards

Easily create business cards with Enter your contact information and get a PDF of your business cards you can print on your home printer or at an office print supply store like Kinko’s.
Jan 27 2009

Cube Status is meaningless project that spits out recent Twitter Tweets (cringe) mentioning cubicles. What is special about is that the entire idea and development process lasted only 4 hours. I thought of the domain name, discovered (to my surprise) that it was available, purchased it, updated the name servers, set up hosting, learned the Twitter API and threw together a little page with jQuery. I’m bored.
Jan 16 2009 Redesign

Earlier this year, I rewrote the inner workings of, a website I created way back in 2003. I optimized a lot of the backend code and added a number of new social network features. The new features led to more usage, and more confusion. After listening to a lot of user feedback and questions, I redesigned the site to make it easier to use. In the end, Witty Profile’s bounce rate went from 45.0% to 24.9%, pages per visit went from 6.7 to 10.6, average time on site went from 7m:42s to 12m:25s and daily page views went from 30,000 to 100,000.
Nov 2 2008

Print Your Own Business Cards lets you create and print your own business cards for free. Simply enter your contact information, upload a logo, and get a printable PDF of your custom business cards.
Jul 30 2008 Evolves

I spent the last couple of months rewriting from scratch. Witty Profiles is a site I started in 2003 that now contains a library of nearly 250,000 short text messages for people to copy and paste into their profiles on social networks. Over the years I’ve collected a lot of user feedback and decided now was the time to implement the most requested features. Included in this release: rich text editing of quotes and profiles, elimination of quote moderation, quote voting, enhanced user profiles, and improved search.
Jun 30 2008

Flickr RSS Feed Generator

Mac OS X has a screen saver that takes an RSS feed of images as a data source. This Flickr RSS Feed Generator uses the Flickr API to retrieve images determined by parameters you specify and returns an RSS feed, whose URL you can paste into the screensaver options screen in OS X.
Feb 19 2008

New Buddy Icon Maker at

Frank’s Icons released an updated buddy icon and avatar maker. New features include: icons with up to 6 frames of animation using up to 6 different images with better fonts, font sizes and font colors. Make a new buddy icon now!
Jan 5 2008 Now Accepts Image Uploads

Are you a designer struggling to find just the right color scheme? Struggle no more. now lets you get color palettes from uploaded images. Simply upload your design in progress (in jpg, gif or png format) and get two color schemes generated from the image. Try it out!
Oct 6 2007

Favicon Editor is Better Than Ever

The Favicon Editor has been redesigned for better usability. You can now drag your cursor around to paint your favicon instead of designing it by clicking one pixel at a time. You can now create favicons from uploaded images of any size and type. The favicon editor has more colors to choose from and now keeps track of what colors you’ve used. Try it out!
Aug 18 2007

Color Hunter is for people who want to find color palettes created from images. The color palettes are created on the fly from flickr images that match your search terms. Check out the latest nature color palettes.
Jun 4 2007


Looking for something to talk about during an awkward moment? Read up on the latest interesting information and trivia in’s new Facts section.
Mar 31 2007 Powers Facebook

Well, sort of. I noticed a huge surge in requests recently for my color palette generator web service and did some investigating which eventually led to Justin Ormont’s Facebook Auto-Colorizer which automatically colorizes Facebook profiles based on the user’s photo. Pretty cool usage.
Feb 28 2007 Improvements is web site that holds a daily favicon design challenge. Instead of creating a favicon from scratch every time, you can now upload an image to get you started on your favicon design.
Jan 5 2007


Web apps that solve problems.

Spin-Off Sites

Sometimes my web apps grow up and move into their own URLs.

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