Wgirls Comments

These are excerpts from emails received between February and June of 2002

Hats off to you for a splendid and hilarious job well done! WGirls guarantee that Cindy Crawford, etc., will always have a job. The transformations you have artistically achieved are so subtle, so masterfully done, that I now know why Dub works out so much. The results are astounding! Thanks for yet another good reason to own a computer. Your fan, Susan

I think your pictures are hell a funny I hope some how your website stay alive I gonna tell my friend of this website thanks. P.S. I almost shit my pants! -Robert

I'm Blind, I laughed so Hard I know the neighbors three doors down heard me. My stomach still hurts hours after looking at them the first time, I just can't stop looking. The more I look the funnier they get. I might have to buy some Depends if you keep this up. This puts a new meaning to "Georgie Porgy Puddin Pie Kissed The Girls and Made Them Cry." more like Puke, and Slit there Throats. God Bless America, Land that I Love. -Didi

I just broke up with my BF and although we've been through hell and half a world trying to be together, I thought I would never smile again. The WGirls proved me wrong! Thanks for lifting my spirits up with a good, healthy laugh. GOD BLESS THAT SEXY LADY!!! -JS

I showed some of your pictures to a friend without telling him the source or idea behind them. He says he will not buy a computer until there are better looking women available in the pornography sections of the internet. -Donald

Just looks like another coke slut to me. -JJ

Hi, I don't get it! What's so funny? While this girl isn't the best looking female in the world, she's probably really beautiful deep (maybe way deep) down in side. But all of these comments are laughing at her as if she doesn't have any feelings. Just because she looks a bit like the US president and has obviously had a really hard life doesn't mean anyone should target her for ridicule. I feel sorry for her and all you mean people out there who make fun of ugly people. In fact I think I like her despite all these horrible comments. What's her real name anyway? - Justin. (... are you serious?)

A friend sent me these pictures today, and I had to take a few minutes to appreciate the artistry and yet, how horribly awful George W looks as a woman. Thank you for making me laugh and lose some of my bladder function at the same time. -Paul

This is one of the reasons I thank God I'm gay: I can look at these pictures and not feel one twinge of simultaneous attraction/repulsion. May be the best bit of bizarreness I've run across in 20 years online. -Jim in Seattle

This is really a HOOT!!! I've spread this far and wide. Thanks so much for the absolute IRREVERENCE. --- Mugg Muggles :(

I think the W girls are great!!! My Mom sent it to me at first. She said they were pics of W's daughters. I was picturing some fat, drunken sluts but not what I actually saw at all!!! She told me she couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't either!!! Whoever created these did a very good job. I like humor that is original. This fits that to a "T"!!! -Dougie ;o)

I'm a feminist. I am also furious and disgusted and have never seen such a disgusting sight (site) in my life. If only I had thought of this myself. You have done humanity a great service here, my friend. Even reading everyone's comments is a hoot. Ahhhh, someone hand me a tissue. Everytime I visit this site I laugh til I cry. Whenever I need a laugh, I come to you.....I've sent this to everyone I know. And I even encourage my teen-age sons to see, too! Amazing. I LOVE YOU!!! ~Monica

My dad carries these photos in his briefcase. His favorite is the lingerie and cowboy hat photo. I think you've changed his life forever. -Peter

Einfach genial - ich habe selten so gelacht !!! Weiter so. Carsten aus Munich, Germany

LMFAO!!! I love W....voted for him and his brother......hmmmmm......you think maybe you could do a Jeb Girls??? Nah!!!! they'd all look like his competition!!! Thanks! This is great!!! -MILITARYMOM

AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! MY EYES! MY EYES! IT BURNS! IT BURNS! You sick, demented, genius bastard! I can not stop laughing my ass off! -Alex

How astute! Can't fool all the people all the time! Guess all that college tuition paid off after all. I think you've captured the "real" George! -MAfish

Is this what our fearless leader must stoop to in order keep his public acceptance up, post 9/11? I was moist...with fear! But ya got my attention! Yikes! P.B. in L.A. CA

What a stupid idea! - Bill & Gerry

A friend sent me a link to this page, and the email has laid fallow for almost two months before I opened it. No amount of coffee could have prepared me for THIS. Iwantmymommy. -Lance

All I can say is thank God he was born a man. Because he is one uuuuugly girl. Even with a knock out body. I guess you could always but a bag over the face... -O

Weeping, weeping...There is hope for the world. -Rgirl

WRONG, VILE, BAD!!! This is just not right. I need a cold shower and a good long talk with my therapist. You should be punished... And then given a big award. I think I split my britches. -M

Your services to mankind have been recognised. I'm going to recommend you for not only the Nobel Peace Prize but also for a Knighthood in UK. Godspeed, my good man. - Tony Blair (not really)

Deliciously twisted. What better way to admire our president? :D -Isaac

Thanks alot. The classic statement in the UK is that Americane don't have a sense of irony, or even humour. I've long known this is shite, please keep up the good work. Even in the UK some of us have their eyes open. All the best, Dr Gein

Damn! All those chicks are totally hot, but I can't figure out what it has to do with George W. Bush... -Bob (nothing)

Very , very good. Well done, not just for the idea but for not going over the top, it's much more surreal. -Robert

You Freakoid !!! How could you do that to OUR PRESIDENT?????? It's discusting!!!.... cough...... it's shameful..... hehehehe..... it's degrading..... pffft lol...... ok, take away the implants, add some muscles to that, long blonde hair,,, put a guitar in his hands,, kinda looks like Nugent. (i felt so guilty laughin my ass off.. 'ahem'..... "i cannot believe you put this SMUT on your website" ) -Kelly

Hahahahahaha.....LOVE IT! That was a hoot--I always enjoy a good poke at Dumbya--after all, he so well earns the title of "Fool". Keep up the good work. I'm forwarding the link to all my fellow "angry liberals"--at least *we* can say "proofread". :-) -Betsy

Sick sick sick ... but hilarious. This is almost as sick as the naked Klingons website. I never really noticed how much Bush looks like a chimpanzee before. -David

Oh My God! The first picture I saw was the girl in the shiny silver top. I thought this was some sort of twisted tarzan picture. But it was Bush himself, I couldn't stop laughing as I saw the rest of the pictures!! -Chris.

This site should be on time magazine as "site of the year". I am going to e-mail it to all my friends in Saudi Arabia. Hey, hope you won't get disappointed if some Saudi guy becomes a millionaire from selling T-shirts in Arabia with your site pictures on them! -Ammar (hey send me check, eh?)

FANTASTIC i havnt laughed so much 4 ages... keep it up. -matthew

It's like a car wreck! You know you shouldn't look, but there's a little voice in the very back of your mind that says 'go ahead, just a peek'. That's when the rest of you goes "Oh my gods! Why did I look at that!" -Devon

I think Ol' Barb's gonna stomp a mud hole in the boy's ass when she finds out where her cloths have been disappearing to for all of these years. You're as handy with a graphics app' as you are with a hilarious vision. I'll bet they were rolling in the streets when this hit Great Britain. Monty Python made straight men in drag uproarious. I do believe that you have "out-dragged" the drag kings. Who said a woman couldn't be elected president? The WGirls have shattered the glass ceiling. -Randy from Dallas, TX

Oh my god! You're a genius and a master of photographical touchupology! I would donate to your cause, but I am a starving student, especially after my trip to Las Vegas last weekend. I lost 1000.00 of my student loan money. Oh well your site cheers me up! Thanks dude! -Pamela

This is the absolute BEST of the year ... thanks for doing such a grand job--would love to be on your email list for further efforts. -Shari

Awesome! You did a great job, man! I sent it to my families and friends back in Indonesia! And they loved it! Keep it up! -TH

Encore! Author! Author! - Even us igloo-dwellers got a kick out of this! -Mike

WHahahahahahahahaha. I laughed myself a broke, i layed double from laughing. LOL. Greetings from The Netherlands -jeroen

Excellent Photoshop work there! We want more! -res03r91

Compelling.... I could not stop watching..... -Laurie

You a another angry liberal who can handle the fact he is a great president. Lets see if you post this. -Ray (today's secret word is 'proofread')

These girls...I'm speechless. They're beyond brilliant. Genius. A thousand, thousand kudos. -E Rock

A friend sent these to me and I thought I would pass out laughing! Of course I emailed them to everyone I know who thinks that Dubya's IQ is only slightly bigger than these women's bra size. The facial expressions are priceless. Thanks for the belly laughs!! - YellowDog

WOW!!! I guess we are all quite lucky Ralph Nader or Al Gore didn't win!!! ....hmmm.... I wonder what McCain woulda looked like.... This should be mandatory viewing for voter registration.... Thank You for doing something worthwhile with the internet! It takes the PC out of my computer... -Kreeyis

Your site is truly fabulous. I'm sending the address to all of my friends. -FranQui

Hi Wgirls productor, your pictures are the best and greatest. Please make more and your´re the best webmaster in www. P.S.: Your side came on TV in Germany. -Ray

I got most of these pictures in my e-mail and thought that they were AMAZING!! these are some great photos!-they really brightened up my day! -Sandro

Thanks for providing androgynous titillation that us not-yet-out republicans can safely enjoy in public view -13

an eye opener -Sidrho

There's a special place in heaven for this site's founder (and the nerd who thought up Photoshop). -Art101

It's good :)) Pretty good! Best regards from Bulgaria! An' only one question.. Dear System Operator, is Your wife among these? :)) -konstantin

A Dutch daily telegraph referred this morning to your site, and sure it is amusing. A while ago some people said that this guy was the missing link between the apes and men. Now I know that it is a missing link, but from another kind and magnitude. This super site might be the best reason to re-elect him!! Good luck. Ben

Why would you degrade women by putting Bush's face on them? -Shirley

The best laugh I've had in 15 months. Any way to get a calendar with these lovely pictures? -Julie (No. sorry.)

the best damn pictures i saw since oh, who gives a #$*%, it's the greatest man! keep it up! more power! -Jon

At first I thought it was something distasteful. I take it back, after I took a closer look. It is delightful; it is witty, you're an artist! Are you going to send your collection to the White House Democrats to enjoy? Regards, -Margaret

We over here in li'l ol' England hope the treatment is working. It will take us a long time to get over it - and I'm just talking about the war, the steel embargo, wanted poster gags and the scary eyed looks he keeps givin' us. And what he did to our Tony I dread to think. The effect of the pics [and we only enlarged one] I fear we will never get over. Thank you for your sick brain, you make being in therapy worth every cent. -Graham

She da man. I LOVE THIS SITE.....gimme more Dubya, more hot bodied Georges. He's the sexiest chick that ever lived and you've proved that to the world. With many thanks, Ash

I will now light myself on fire. -Adam

you are the best. - m.r. from germany

You've taken the marriage of 'Bush' and 'Terrorism' to a new zenith. -Sam

get a mop. oh man, i just puked... -Glenn

You are a genious. Put the images on coffee cups, and I'll buy a whole set. -Trzaskos

WGirls are cool. Really cool. I should establish an equal site for our "Bundeskanzler" Gerhard Schröder here in Germany. Fabolous. Hmmm... or for Angela Merkel (ugliest female politician in the country.) Thanks for inspirating me. -Nico

Why not an Enron Calendar Girl? -a fan (good idea)

Frankly, I don't see the point of all this. It would be much funnier to create a website featuring Hillary Rodham Clinton's face on male bodies. -James

Dude your sick! :) Amazing work uve done here. It looks so real. Well thats all I wanted to say... bye! -Damien

Hi from Russia. Great pictures, man! First, when someone sent me the link, I looked at the thumbnails and couldn't understand why I got the URL -- the girls didn't seem too great to look at. Now I know better! -Alex

Oh My God! That is the funniest and best done set of pics!!! -CBarbGo

gonna be laughing for WEEKS! -b23

Playboy's Playmates of March 02? -Max from Belgium.. ;-)

Eewwwwww .. I like the one with the side view, where we get to see his attractive bruise from when he passed out after choking on a pretzel The thumbnails are deceiving.I recognize the famous shot, but when I click to enlarge it.all hell breaks loose! -Debi

Too funny!!! Im in San Diego CA and these Bush pictures are funny as hell!! I sent them out to everyone in my Address book. -CeCe

Damn' I laughed so hard I nearly pissed my pans! You can be proud of yourself, I got your pics from a friend from Switerland and from a friend from Poland. Man, you're famous!:) -Greetz daniel

hey man, i think that is some of those funniest shit i have seen in a long time!! it got me laughing at 7:00 in the morning!! what a way to start the day. keep up the good work! i sent the link to your site to everyone, including my mom!!! -seanfour20

Man, oh man, what would Barb think about her "boy" now! -Ed

Magnifico!!!!!!!! Me rei tanto que casi me orino. A la vez me dio asco pero esta bien divertido este website. Se ve tan real que me da mucha risa :-) Sigue haciendo lo que haces y gracias por entretenerme con tu excelente trabajo. --N. Vázquez

hehehe great work!!!!! You can see you love your work........;-) -roos

Of course yer gonna hear something good from me. My girlfriend is totally un-Internet, but I can usually coerce her into coming into my office to check something out. She got a real kick out of the pics! She and i also agree that the naysayers of your site need to get a life and F*CK OFF! You can tell them I said so - [KW]Cryinbrian

I'm in love? I find your photos disturbing. -Kevin

You sure that is not Iggy Pop? Nah, Iggy is way cuter and doesn't have implants. -Erle

Okay, I am all but done pissing myself from laughing. I actually think that one of those girls looks like a girl I used to work with. That in itself is almost not funny. -Brian

i've seen cheese and i've seen cheese. but this... brilliant beyond cheese. it's whats for dinner. xo -flowers

I think you're wonderful. Best laugh I've had in months. -Karen

Couldn't see any pictures. Just little boxes with red x's. Is this a problem with my windows xp computer? Thanks -Lynn (heh!)

thanks for this site. it is very funny. Done well too. made me laugh out loud. -erella

Absolutley fantastic. Funny Funny -BLSkov

Dude, you're one sick puppy. :-( But you are funny. Later -Karl

Hiya. My brother sent me your website address, and I had to pick myself up off the floor after checking the pix out. Really funny. Thanks for the laugh. Verrrrry creative. :) -Carole

These are nasty!!! Gonna do any nudes..? -William

Bush is HOT. REAL HOT! -spenz

f*cking brilliant -damisi

Amazing! Terrific graphics work! I didn't think it was possible to remove all the wrinkles from his body like that. -K

Whoa, that one looks like my sister... -Jeff

Your site dissolved me in laughter. Genius application & artistic effort. When I look at those beautiful bodies & then the face & the incongruity of the total, I fall apart laughing. I sent your site to lots of people & hope they'll do the same. Thanks to Bartcop who introduced your shots on his website. Thanks & Keep Us Laughing. -Elizabeth in the conservative wilderness of North Central Ohio

Unbelievable!!!!! I do not remember the last time I laughed that hard. I truly believe even George W. would think this is hysterical!!!! Keep up the good work!! -Joellyn

They are great! I laughed out loud at the first, then assumed I'd quit, since it was a one-joke site. But you've chosen each one so carefully, each is a work of art -- and clever, biting wit. I couldn't peek at just one -- did 'em all! Thanks for making my day. -Louise

competition for Greta Van Susteran. -Steven

Tikes. Who knew a perfectly inoffensive, even not-unattractive man such as the President could be so upsetting to look at with a simple change of body gender. Cool! -Hugh

I think i'm in love.... Great job. Jan, Belgium!

super !!! über diesen geistesgestörten flachwichser kann man sich ja nur lustig machen ... -Edgar

Very Very Funny. Love your site -Laular

funny site! :)) keep up the good work... this is really funny! I have passed the url on... and got it from a friend just today! Sure fools a lot o people at the first sight! /marie (stockholm, Sweden)

They're justgeorgeous ;) da Pfenning

this is funny, i gotta told you. thank you too many. -Scotty

Brilliant! Thank goodness you chose to use GW's head! More! More! -Lydia

i got a foot fetish and went to the one showing feet, not knowing where I was going. Man was that a scary trip!!! I felt violated! -riffraff

holy shit. i thought i was pretty adept at assembling f*cktitude, but you've got me beaten... for now. this is scarier than a van full of flaming clowns throwing grenades at kindergarteners. i love it! -aeon

Your Site Sucks so much. I love it -Sean

At first I was curious. That emotion was quickly followed by "ewwwwww!" and a kind of slimy feeling...like I had just voted Republican or something. But even though I was grossed out, it is still very funny and extremely well done so much congrats!! However, I have to wonder what Jennifer, Britney and the rest would say... Thanks for the laughs!! -K8o

Great job of matching up W's many moods with the pictures. Too funny for words -Harry

This site is great. I think that this web site is one of the cleverest, funniest, I have ever seen. It made my day. Thanks, Dianne

Yo, i'm a real nice fella from Belgium, could u send me over this chick's phone numba she's gorgeous. greetz, -Stijn

They.re sweet, sassy, irreverent, but yet innocent in a contrived sort of way. I would like to meet them. Please continue. -Jim

I think you are incredibly talented! -bchally

You have done a great job, but no matter what kind of body is on his head, the head still comes up empty. -Penny

Man, at first I was weirded out by this site, but the more pics I looked at (the way one looks at a train wreck), the more I laughed. The facial expressions are priceless! Thanks for an amusing site. -Neil

Easily the single most disturbing site I've seen a weeks! I was crying with laughter! -Pheimsness

I would just like to say two things. In the first place, congratulations on doing a great job of retouching. Too many people post some of the worst crap up and think it's funny, while all I see is what a bad job of retouching was done. I work in Photoshop everyday and you are good my friend. Secondly, I voted for the guy and think it's funny. Nothing pissed me off more than the fact that none of my liberal friends thought any of the Clinton stuff was funny. They could not take a joke, but I'm here to say some conservative types like myself, have a sense of humor about politics. After all if you think either party gives a damn about you other than your vote, I need to talk to you about taking some of this web stock of my hands. To recap: job well done. funny to all. -Christian

This is absolutely hilarious!!!.. I think the wires from my jaw surgery are gonna rip ..... rofl -Dorinda

Geez, you need to get a life............heheheheh! -Darla

This is too damn funny for words. Will send to everyone I know. -Antonin

oh man ..., i will never ever get a boner in my all life anymore. LOL. -cisco

very funny, you made my day....... -jvernet

I think it's great! Thanks - just when that old SOB really gets on my nerves, someone always comes up with a way for me to take him less seriously for a while! Thanks for making me laugh today! -Laura

Is this just another example of a Democrat's overblown indignation about the loss of the election under ambiguous circumstances, manifesting itself in whatever means to ridicule Bush comes to mind, regardless of its irrelevance? Or is it simply pimply-adolescent-geek humor? Maybe you ought to get out of the house more.
Good satire gets its force from playing with quirks and excesses that are really possessed by its subject. I have my own qualms about Bush, but to make fun of him, one needs to attack something relevant to what his flaws are. This crap is just another example of technical capacity for special effects outstripping intelligent thought in its application. -Robert (You're pretty much on the mark there Robert.)

You are the master of photoshop!!! -Jen

Very Clever! I really enjoyed your pictures...you the MAN, George!! -Ian

Talk about your .economic stimulus.! Even Kenny Boy got a woody! regards, N

an amazing site. truly. i'm speechless. -Jeneane

together with the implants should have come a face lift -Birthe

...too much time on your hands, sport, but I'm laughing my ass off. -Dave

A work of art! -vexor

Thank you very much. After seeing your site, I will give up pornography for the rest of my life and throw the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue straight into the trash. You have accomplished more than the President himself could by upholding our country's morality. -Bruce

My first impression is: "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" After that, coffee came out of my nose so I had to stop screaming. Thanks for some fine Photoshop work with hilarious results. -Gregory

quality site !!!!!! -ryan

AHAHA ! Thanks alot dude ! You made my day ;) regards, Petter

A hot body and the face to protect it! Someone has been laying pipeline. Kick ass edits too. -Joshua

I have to tell ya, this is by FAR the funniest thing I have seen on the 'net in a long, LONG time. I laughed so hard I hurt myself.
I work for an ISP's Tech Support department, taking calls from customers back-to-back, helping them get their computers online and/or get email when they have issues/trouble with doing so, and I just happened to be on a call, helping just such a customer configure his computer for internet access, when one of my co-workers sent me the URL to your WGirls site via chat. I had no idea what to expect when that URL popped up on my screen, as we techs like to send each other random URLs throughout the day just to get a reaction out of each another. well, I clicked on the WGirls URL and...WHAM! I was almost out of my seat.
I laughed so hard and for so long that the information I was giving the customer I was on the phone with when I clicked the URL ended up taking a whole lot longer to get out than it normally would have, mainly because I had to keep hitting the Mute button on my phone to mask my hysterical laughter, so that the customer I was helping wouldn't hear it. I had to keep hitting that button over and over and over, sometimes getting only one word/number out of my mouth before having to hit the Mute button AGAIN, due to being unable to keep from busting up. I was literally out of control.
I'm not generally prone to hysterical and/or uncontrollable laughter, so for something to make me laugh THAT hard and THAT much (for about ten straight minutes), it's gotta be SERIOUSLY funny. heh. I don't know how many people know about your WGirls site, but apparently not enough, as you've got a plug on it asking for donations. so I'm gonna help ya.
give me a mailing address, and I'll send off a donation (in the form of money order) sometime this week. I think you deserve it. you made my month with that site, and I would be honored to reciprocate by making your efforts in creating it at least a bit more worthwhile. -Arcana

Your site is truly Rabelaisian! Such vile images, such splendid grotesquery. Makes me a proud American. -Cary

I think you're completely insane... I love it! -Eric

I hope I NEVER get drunk enough to find one of these girls in my bed when I wake up. In fact it's too horrific to think about. I'd have to become celibate to repent from the experience. -john

Now I know why I lost!! I'll never get my legs to look that gooood! XOXOXO -Al G.

Dear Sir,
It is not often that I make use of these acronyms, but the effect of your site was full-on rotf, lmao, pimp. if you are, like myself, a cracker, then you have redeemed us. recently jonesing on e murphy and c rock, i have come to belief that only soul-brothers could be so funny. if you are any other race, then you are a credit to it.
i think my favorite would have to be the GQ one. that cheek-knot was priceless even without the pert little ass. as others have noted, you have done masterful work matching the expressions and making the splices. i had know idea bush had been so frequently photographed looking petulant.
gratefully yours, andrew

Two Words: Freakin' unbelievable. -Danny

Hmmm.. Gives new meaning to the phrase .brown bag special.. RUFF! -Daniel

I just have to say that even though President Clinton got around, I think George here has a lot more potential as a whore. -Marcus

Absolutely and positively fancrackerjastic! Wonderful work and wonderfully funny. Thank for lighting up an otherwise dreadful day. -Sheela-na-gig

I think that you have too much time on your hands but it is definatly worth a laugh. Keep up the good work and get some new stuff out here soon -coolidge

Outstanding! Talk about "Pretty in Pink!" J. Edgar Hoover would be just f*cking green with envy! -Steve

You don't know me, but this is about the scariest thing I've ever seen. Nice work. -Ted

Scary stuff! Charlize chills to the bone. You are a GREAT artist. PhotoShop rules! -Bob

You rule. Your site is super fantastic! -Matthew

I was hoping for his daughters... *whoops* Did I say that? ;) Nice work, nice work indeed! -Mod'

Your page has ruined most of the beautiful women of Hollywood for me...way to go! Keep up the good work, I'm telling everyone about your sick, sick site. -Jen

FANTASTIC. I was at the office when I read it and I cried with laughter. Thanks for the laugh. -Nick.

I have to say, ingenius plan. I love this. Great idea. I have only one question. Can you do a threesome with Cheney and Powell included? LOL. Thank you again for the great laughs. -Alexis

I can't belive someone would put so much time into making something so incredibly creepy, but as I am at work, I'm really glad you did. I'm not sure whether I enjoy the softer side of Bush or just the plain skanky. -Paco

Best damn site I seen this week! -Duane

why someone sent this to me I have no idea but it is pretty funny. -Kiemo

Excellent work, you did great with the hair and even better with the skin of the sexiest president since B. Clinton ! -Phillippe

I'm actually a little disturbed.... I somehow find myself.... well, turned on. Sigh.... I'll go read some more of Richard Reeves Biography of Richard Nixon and try to calm down... -a confused viewer

That George W. has some Body!!! lol...hehehe These are very cute GOOD JOB!~ -KLPrincess

I've never seen something funny like that before. Well done! -Melissa

I was laughing too hard to be offended. -Russell

Man, get a life. This is nothing more than East German Porno. Man they got some great looking women over there.... -Gavito

You have robbed me of my sex drive! Give it back! - Lisa

better for your soul than a windex enema - jesus

umm.. I don't get it is this a porn site or something? -Sean

Ahhhahahahahahahaha! I just wet my pants!!! -lisaviolet

Like the King Cobra, it fascinates.... -Robert

Well, you.ve done it, finally unmasked the REAL GW. --Ron

I feel sick. Sick and dirty. I'd throw up if I wasn't afraid of laughing it out my nose... can't you just IMAGINE how nasty that would be? You've done bad things to me, man. -Chad

this site is pure gold. -mike

Oh man, that's not right. I'm scarred for life. -Owen

F*cking great site! I'm in the military and I think George W's great with the pay-raises and all and seeing how he's ultimately my boss...but still...I have to give credit where credit's due and that is some funny shit. -Adam

Maybe not "electable" but certainly DE-lectable! -Alicia

Woww!!! ROFL! The pics are absolutely GREAT!!!!! Hopefully there will be many more? -Stephanie

This is a scream...The many moods of our little cowboy. Thanks for putting these together, I was howling. The world is a better place with this kind of humor. Thanks, Georgia

I have seen the original future girlfriend site with that pathetic 11 year old kid and I must say that if I had been drinking milk when I clicked on your Shh I would have ruined my monitor in a spray of milk from my nose. Is the Shh page a damn shame? Yes, the funniest damn shame I have ever seen. Thanks for making my Saturday morning a few shades funnier. -(V)oduz

I'm a graphic designer and I know how much work must have been involved in creating these pictures. You did an excellent job of masking -- especially the hair, which is soooo hard to do properly. Your technical skills are fantastic. Keep up the good work. -Karen

This is almost too disturbing to share with with anyone...almost. -David

hahahahah I loved it. I think something was missing in the pictures though; a bottle of booze. LOL -Terri

Well, no matter how you dress him up, George W. Bush will never look electable. -Dale

Some of the most succulent and smoothly-done body-head morphs I've ever seen! I'm an artist myself, so I've seen a lot. The lighting is flawless! Plus, of course, sticking Dubya's constipated-looking face on a stupendous babe is also funny as hell. Truly you are a master of both the technical arts and the subtleties of political humor. Sir, you blow everything else I've seen out of the water. Can I blow *you*? -Jen

Your site was featured on "Cruel Site of the Day." Plenty of times folks past some goof's face on a chick. It is usually crudely done and quite obvious. Not so with "W Girls." You have much skill in placing the expression, lighting and shadow casting!!!! Thank you for the laugh. -Dwight

in f*ckin genius -Tex

Bush is sexy. I love looking at Bush! -Daniel

Ahhhh that was great man lol. It was so disgusting but i still wanted to see all of em. -Drew

Awesome man, whatever.. the choice of facial expressions really go with with the bodies.. Later -Rommel

Where were you during the elections when I needed you ????? --- Big Al G. (Ted)

You rule! -Stickboy

Your site is disturbing on many levels. Well done! -xmlsteve

well done and very disturbing. That's our Bush. Let's shave it down to stubble! -afriend

I love these things! These are wonderful! I never laughed so hard looking at a fake. And hey, I voted for the man! Hope to see more. -Jim

Your website is great. When do you find the time? -Jackie

I always knew Bush was from another planet. -Landon

So Funny. Your site left me crying with laughter. Dubya just has one of those faces that works so well in pictures like yours. God Help the US of A. Keep up the good work. This world is short of laughs at the moment. -Lee

what i think of w girls ... sort of like a train wreck...a hideous, interesting train wreck. -meni

Thanks for the laugh! Just had to tell you that your site is great! My whole office found it extremely amusing! -Jessica

That was seriously the best thing I've ever seen. Who would have thought that f*cking dumbass Bush could be so sexy? I'm Canadian, eh? And I'd like to see some Jean Chretien action. Hehe, keep making those, you had my whole irx chat room in hysterics. -Ariella

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This is one of the most perfect and brilliant things I have ever seen! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! -Stephanie

One of the funniest things I've seen on the dub-ya, dub-ya, dub-ya (www).

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The GQ one with the bruise and "she wants you to respect her" is especially great! I laughed out loud at a few others too. Awesome site!! -Michael

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My, My Interesting, but tends to make one think someone has entirely too much time on their hands!!! -James

totaly f*cking insane -Frank


that's easily some of the most disturbing sh*t i've seen in years... ...nice... -Marc

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That's truly fantastic Photoshop work. Congratulations on matching expression & body perfectly. Brilliant, sir. -Jay

Seamless perfection, great work. -discoted

I.ll probably chuckle every time I hear someone refer to Dubya as Commander-in-Chief, great work. -anonymous service-member

BBBBBBBBBrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!! (The sound of projectile vomiting) -Steven

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BUSH: hot bod but omg butt ugly -Cassandra

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correct. At least they got 1 in 12 right. The flag of our Republic is hanging correctly, unless they got the negative backwards !! -Jim ...

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Hot Damn George has some nice legs!!! -Erin

Who are you? Not to flatter you over much but you must be brilliant. I was laughing so hard over some over your pictures that I started crying. Thank you! Julie

My son turned me on to Fark yesterday. I saw your site and had to forward a link to 100 or so of my closest friends. (well, maybe 10 ) Sorry your site was overwhelmed. The pictures were disturbingly well done. Keep up the good work. =R==>

That is some great shit man. -Papa Bear

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Scariest thing ever. Love, aadm mount.

the Wgirls is f*cking brilliant! I've sent it to every person i know..... you rock... -bonnie (grrl.com)

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I was ]this[ close to peeing in my pants! You should have a warning about chewing or having a full bladder while viewing! thanx, man. You made my week! ~ Diva

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you the man. -ammonra

Absolutely Fabulous Dah-ling! No offense President Bush, but you make a hilarious pin up girl!!! -anonymous

Absolutely hilarious! thnx Later, Mark

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these ROCk! Great photo shop work!! Bush never looked better.... Uh. I think. -Travis

As a staunch conservative I think they are funny as shit but it would be funnier if you used that Weeble Wobble Janette Reno. -Larry (non-anonymously)

Bad boy! Bad programmer! No donut! -Homeboy Steve

Steve, you are a master. -zlud

Thanks for the splendid spread! -George bUSH

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that is SICK and WRONG (funny, tho) -chris

You ask on your web site, Think these are stupid?. My answer is a definate NO. With all the troubles in the world a little (harmless) humor may be one of the best contributions one can give. So, I say bravo, and please keep it up. -Brian D. Swayne Sr.

You kick ass!! :) I was LMAO! Those are great... I'm recommending this site to al my buds.. -Jazmin

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I was frightened, sickened, shocked... my genitalia has withdrawn completely inside my body, and won't come out. It's in there, whimpering and crying. Thanks alot. :-p -Rob