Evolve a Pictogram

Goal: Evolve a Picture of a Cat


  1. 25 random images appear on the screen. Click the one that looks the most like a cat.
    1. If none of the images look anything like a cat, refresh the page.
  2. 8 variations of the image you clicked appear on the screen. The image you clicked appears in the middle in green. Click on the image that looks the most like a cat.
    1. If none of the variations look more like a cat, click on the green image in the middle to generate more variations of it again.
  3. When the green image looks as close to a cat as you can get it, save it.

Not getting anywhere? Start over.

Did you successfully evolve a picture of a cat? Save it.

Why did I make this? I run a Logo Maker and need a bunch of small icons and pictograms to use in logos. My goal is to hook this up to a convolutional neural network and let a machine determine which image looks most like a cat. For now, humans will do. If you know of a CNN that is able to interpret these tiny drawings, please let me know.